What is “health research”? Without knowing what it means it will be difficult to comprehend the importance of NEDSAC’s publications. Health research refers to the research that is done to learn more about human health. We like to think of the human health as having a large number of black holes where we simply know nothing about. Health research attempts to help us navigate those black holes.

When we conduct health research we ask questions such as “Will this drug improve my health?” “Why does the human body act this way?”

In our publications we use the help of experts from various disciplines and industries such as education, public sector, private clinics. We conduct extensive studies that are included in all our publications. We also do our own primary research and may use the help of individuals who participate in our research studies. For instance if we conduct a research on menopause in women we may conduct interviews with them or have them complete appropriate questionnaires. All the research is done anonymously and research participants are made well aware of what kind of personal information – if any – are required of them.

Health research is important because without it, we could not have found the many cures and treatment for the many illnesses affecting the livelihoods of people. Health research takes the ambiguity out of health conditions and treatments and allows us to better understand the human body, its illnesses, and how to treat it.

Below are the most current PDF files of the publications NEDSAC has produced. To view them, click on the following links:

The impact of obesity on health service use [25MB, PDF]

Menopause in the twenty first century [19MB, PDF]

Disparities in accessbility to health services [33MB, PDF]

Impacts and implications of changes to nurse staffing [27MB, PDF]

Meaningful use of patient records among patients [19MB, PDF]

Wearable technology and its health impacts [59MB, PDF]