Who We Are

NEDSAC was established in 2001 with funding from the Health Research Institutes of Canada. The goal of NEDSAC is to push the boundaries of Canadian Health Research. We work in various areas of health and to date have carried out over 130 studies and published over 200 documents. We collect information anonymously and work with universities, service providers, government agencies, diagnostic clinics, and research institutions across Canada.

The research produced by NEDSAC will help us answer questions about health diseases and issues, as well as determine possible cures, advance discussion surrounding health topics, and increase public knowledge. In 2006, we received additional funding from the Health Research Institutes of Canada which will allow us to build on what we have already achieved. The research at NEDSAC is important because we attempt to decipher the black holes in the areas of health and increasing our overall understanding of our bodies and how they respond to our environments.

To learn more about NEDSAC or to support our work, please feel free to browse our site, read our publications, or contact us.